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Travel and outdoor commercial photographer

Hi everyone,

I'm French (speak English don't worry), arrived in Vancouver beginning of October 2018, and I am looking for great people and opportunities to work with!

I've got more or less 3 years videography and photography experience.

Here is my demo reel if you want a sample of my previous projects:

The budget will depend on your project, it could be cheaper or more expensive. If you are short on budget, I can also offer you the edit but only if you're not in an hurry, then I might be able to do it on my spare time if the project is worth it. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me in any case, and talk about what you have in mind, I'd be glad to answer you and see what would be best for you.

I specialize in outdoor product advertisement like hiking and outdoor equipment, shoes, clothes, etc.
I can also work on portraits but in a natural context (in an action or natural shots).

I also have a strong social media analysis background if you need some advice.

See you soon.

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