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Affordable Full Video Production Team

La Taína Arts is passionate about using the medium of film and video production to do four things: tell the stories unheard, invoke emotions to remind us of our humanity, bring people together, and help people believe in a worthy cause or brand that truly has a heart for others.

La Taína Arts is led by creative Nicole Agosto, who has worked in the broadcast industry as a Technical Director, Producer, and Screenwriter.

We are composed of a team of young professionals, equipped with a passion to learn and grow in their skillset as people working in video production. We want to tell stories, create worlds, and share our vision

We are offering the best of quality videos, utilizing younger professionals just breaking into the production world, to create your project. We want to give our all to ensure you are in love with the product, but we recognize that you are working with a younger production company! Because of that, we aim to keep our costs low.

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