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Be the model, I’ll be your photographer

By joining this tour you would have the opportunity to be the model for the day and I would be your professional photographer. In the end, I would gift you stunning High-Resolution photographs that would be worth your life. Once we meet near Flinders Street Railway Station, I would take you to one of the best coffee shops in that region. We would discuss your expectations and preferences at every sip of coffee or tea you take. Then, we would venture towards the hidden streets of Hosier Lane, which is a land of graffiti and you would be mesmerized by the drawings and artworks everywhere. When you are astonished by looking at these arts, I would be trying to make the best candid shots. Besides, we will walk on a secret picturesque route and I would give you ideas to pose that suits your style. We would also move along the Yara river to get some mesmerizing shots. Furthermore, if you would like to get close to​ nature, I’ll take you to the St Kilda beach. You'll be the model of the day, so try posing all the way. It is one of the best destinations to enjoy sunsets that is close to the city. When its time for sunset, I would click lovely silhouette shots.

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